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Most crude oil contains a chemical compound called asphaltenes.  Asphaltenes can be easily destabilized, causing them to form an insoluble solid, or precipitate out, during many operations performed on a well. When this happens, wells can experience plugging that leads to decreased production. With a number of additives and solvent systems developed specifically to address this issue, we ensure treating fluids are less likely to destabilize asphaltenes, and can disperse or remove any that do form. 


An effective solvent for organic scales with high asphaltene content, but is also effective for waxy deposits.

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This blend is not only an effective solvent, but also has the ability to disperse high melting point and low solubility...

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ASA-2 ASA-2 is an anionic anti-sludge additive with strong water wetting capabilities on sandstone formations. It is...

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Trilene is a highly specialized blend of aromatics and aliphatic solvents specially designed to remove wax and...

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