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Calcium carbonate scale is common in the oil and gas industry. Often caused by a temperature change or a pressure drop, it can lead to significant production restrictions and formation damage. Although pure calcium carbonate is soluble in hydrochloric acid, other particles can accumulate around the scale when it forms, causing additional obstacles that may require different treatments. Our portfolio of additives and acid systems effectively remediate calcium carbonate scale and its associated issues so you can achieve your production goals. 

Platinum Acid System

A premium class II hydrochloric acid system designed to ensure acid compatibility with reservoir fluids.

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Platinum DSA™

The Platinum DSA™ acid system has been designed to effectively remove wellbore impairments from sandstone reservoirs,...

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Sludge removal acid (SR-Acid™) is a low-cost, Class One stimulation package composed of a strong mineral acid base...

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ProReact Acid

Trican’s line of ProReact acids are a safer alternative to traditional hydrochloric or organic acids used in a variety...

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