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Emulsions happen when two incompatible fluids and an emulsifying agent are mixed together, resulting in higher viscosity than the base fluids. When emulsions form, the viscosity can restrict flow, hindering the rate of injection or production. Trican has developed a diverse portfolio of additives that work to ensure fluid compatibility and prevent emulsions. In the event an emulsion does occur, our team can design a fit-for-purpose treating fluid to reduce overall viscosity and get your well back on track.


An effective solvent for organic scales with high asphaltene content, but is also effective for waxy deposits.

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GNE-2™ is a non-emulsifier surfactant that, when added to a water-based fracturing fluid, will prevent emulsions...

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This blend is not only an effective solvent, but also has the ability to disperse high melting point and low solubility...

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Trilene is a highly specialized blend of aromatics and aliphatic solvents specially designed to remove wax and...

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