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Hydrocarbon carryover is a common issue with injection wells. The problem occurs when hydrocarbons accumulate, blocking the injection of water into your well. Solvents are used to treat this problem, but are often associated with slow reaction times. We recognize that time is money when it comes to getting the most from your well, and our specially-developed techniques and products work to accelerate solvent performance and get your well back on track as quickly as possible.


An effective solvent for organic scales with high asphaltene content, but is also effective for waxy deposits.

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This blend is not only an effective solvent, but also has the ability to disperse high melting point and low solubility...

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A unique solvent specifically formulated to provide mutual solvency, wettability modification, and to break and prevent...

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Trilene is a highly specialized blend of aromatics and aliphatic solvents specially designed to remove wax and...

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