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Iron based scale buildup in your well is a common issue that can cause corrosion damage and significant flow restrictions. These types of scales range in how soluble they are by hydrochloric acid, and can be reactive at different pH levels, enabling re-precipitation. To remove iron based scales and make sure they don’t come back, it’s important to use the right solution for your specific well. Our wide range of additives and acid systems provide cost-effective, tailored iron-control that remediates scale buildup and formation damage, so you can keep a clear path to optimized production.

Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is an organic acid that can be pumped on its own or in a blend with hydrochloric acid (HCl). Acetic Acid...

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Iron control additives

Product Information IC-2 IC-2 is an iron control additive that reduces ferric iron in live acid and sequesters...

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Platinum Acid System

A premium class II hydrochloric acid system designed to ensure acid compatibility with reservoir fluids.

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Platinum DSA™

The Platinum DSA™ acid system has been designed to effectively remove wellbore impairments from sandstone reservoirs,...

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ProReact Acid

Trican’s line of ProReact acids are a safer alternative to traditional hydrochloric or organic acids used in a variety...

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PYR X-1™

Pyr X-1™ is a water-based product designed to treat iron-based scales, specifically iron polysulfide (FeSx). Pyr X-1 is...

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