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Case Study Snapshot


  • The customer required a large volume of cost-effective, high-performing friction reducer.

Trican Solution:

  • Trican’s DryFR™, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-degradable and non-bioaccumulating powdered friction reducer designed for use in slick water fracturing.
  • Does not require carrier fluid.
  • DryFR™ is more economical to manufacture and transport than conventional liquid friction reducers.


  • Significant cost savings and logistical efficiencies.
  • Trican finished the scheduled 21 day job in 17 days, achieving 81% pumping efficiency and saving $1.6 million in completion costs.
  • DryFR™ significantly reduced product transportation requirements from 24 chemical vans to four dry bulker loads.
  • Reduced impact on the environment.



Business Need 

In the oil and gas industry, operational efficiency plays an important role in the success of a job, and in today’s challenging economic climate, finding these efficiencies becomes even more valuable. Our customer was completing a seven well pad with 18 stages-per-well in the Duvernay formation. To remain economical in low commodity prices, the customer required a large volume of cost-effective, high performance friction reducer. Trican’s DryFR™ met these objectives.

Trican Solution

Trican’s DryFR™ is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-degradable and nonbioaccumulating powdered friction reducer designed for use in slick water fracturing. Unlike conventional liquid friction reducers, DryFR™ is a powder that does not require any surfactant or carrier oils. When added to water, DryFR™ disperses and yields instantly, not requiring a maturation time like other solid friction reducers, and is therefore not rate limited in application. The product can be pumped with various types of water, including recycled or saline, allowing for multiple water sourcing, as well as with cold water, eliminating heating costs in cold weather.

Multi-well pad completions consume large amounts of water, and also require a high volume of friction reducer. As DryFR™ does not require any carrier oils, it drastically reduces the number of chemical transport units needed. In addition to the cost savings created by less chemical transport units, this also means there are less moving trucks to and on location, creating logistical efficiencies and cost savings. Unlike other dry friction reducers, DryFR™ uses a conventional dry-add hydration unit and does not require any specialized equipment.

Trican Advantage

The customer target was to take 21 days of pumping to complete all 126 frac stages; Trican was able to finish in 17 days, achieving a pumping efficiency of 81%. The reduced number of days on location alone saved the customer approximately $1.6 million in completion costs. Based on the required water volume of 277,000 m3, 24 transport truck-loads of liquid friction reducer in totes would have been required. With Trican’s DryFR™, the number of transport units was reduced to only 4 loads. This meant a cost savings for the customer and a reduced impact on the environment.