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Coiled tubing fracturing gives you the ability to selectively fracture multiple zones with pinpoint accuracy and only one rig-in. This means less time to get your well on production and more time to get the most from your reservoir. 

Nitrogen CBM (Coalbed Methane) Fracturing

Trican’s experience with high rate nitrogen and coiled tubing-deployed technologies stimulate dry CBM seams without adding fluid load to the fragile formation.


Nitrogen is an inert gas that can be used to reduce the hydrostatic pressure exerted by stimulation fluids. This...

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Horizontal wellbores increase the well length within the targeted zone. This allows for increased contact with the reservoir and more fracture initiation points, making greater resource recovery possible.

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Shallow Gas

With coiled tubing-deployed tools designed to maximize the amount of rock stimulated, we get the most from your vertical shallow gas well.

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