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Interwellbore communication can be mitigated by the monitoring of offset wells within a Fracture Planning Zone for the duration of a stimulation treatment. With Trican Remote Monitoring Solutions, pressure transducers equipped with displays, are installed on the required offset wells. These remote stations record pre- and post-frac baseline data, and transmit real-time offset pressure data to any computer with an internet connection. This allows us to monitor pressure changes that may indicate communication between two wellbores. Our network enables the use of both 3G and satellite communication, ensuring fast, reliable data transmission.

  • Records pre- and post-frac baseline data
  • Per second data sampling
  • Email alarm notifications
  • 3G and satellite transmission
  • DFIT (Diagnostic fracture injection testing) pressure decline monitoring in 3G areas
  • 103 MPa (15,000 psi) transducers available upon request
  • Battery life of 5-6 days (with solar charging for extended use)

Data Accessibility

We provide quick and easy access to transmitted data with our FracNet and TriNet technology. These web-based applications work together with our remote monitoring technology to provide data to our customers anywhere with internet access.

  • 3G and satellite communication capabilities provides full coverage in any location
  • Ability to plot real-time IOW offset pressures against Surface Treating Pressure, on location in the data van or during satellite monitoring
  • Frac data and offset data are displayed together, allowing safety critical decisions to be made rapidly, and eliminating the need for a separate plot and website
  • Readily accessible offset data at any time (plot and .csv format)

All-in-One Service

Our customers have access to an all-in-one fracturing and monitoring service provider, allowing for increased logistical efficiency with a more streamlined approach.

Technical Expertise

Our remote stations are installed and maintained by our expert team of professional electronics technicians.