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Horizontal wellbores make greater well lengths possible, increasing exposure of the reservoir to your well, as well as the number of fracture initiation sites, to create more pathways in the formation for oil and gas to flow. With so much of your reservoir at your fingertips, multistage and selective fracturing are essential to getting the most from your investment. 


Plug-and-perf is a completion method that creates small holes in a section of casing, providing fracturing fluids access to the formation during stimulation. Once that stage has been treated, a plug is run downhole to isolate the fractured zone. The process is then repeated up the casing string, stage by stage. Plug-and-perf enables pumping at a high rate and pressure, making it effective in thick shale reservoirs.

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Ball-Activated Systems

Ball-activated multistage fracturing systems use one ball to open single or multiple sleeves, whether during cemented or open hole competions. This allows for continuous fractures with no additional wellbore interventions or downtime between stages.

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Coiled Tubing Fracturing

Coiled tubing fracturing gets your well on production faster by selectively fracturing nearly unlimited stages with only one rig-in, while leaving a wellbore free of unwanted restrictions. Coiled tubing fracturing has the ability to selectively fracture pre-installed wellbore sleeves, pre-perforated liners, or offer pinpoint access to the reservoir by abrasive perforating and then fracturing. Coiled tubing fracturing treatments can be pumped down the tubing or the annulus to offer flexibility in the fracture rates and fluid systems desired. Coiled tubing fracturing offers an efficient and cost-effective contingency plan for unwanted screen-outs, with the ability to circulate and clean up the wellbore to start the next stage.

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For stimulation treatments to be most effective, they must be distributed evenly over the perforated interval. We have developed a range of chemical and mechanical diversion methods for cased and openhole applications. This enables even treatment distribution for maximized production. 

Soluble Ball Sealers

Soluble Ball Sealers are spheres larger in diameter than the perforation being treated, but smaller than the bleed-down...

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