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Our hydrocarbon fracturing fluids are some of the least damaging for your formation, and can be tailored to your well with either slick oil systems or highly viscoelastic gels. We offer gelled systems compatible with most recycled oils, and hydrocarbon fluids with low concentrations of volatile organic phosphorus for effective operations upstream.

Low Volatile Phosphorus Gelled Systems

Our low volatile phosphorus gelled systems reduce phosphorus-associated fouling in refineries, and can be customized based on fracture oil and desired fluid properties. 

Hydrocarbon HLV

The HLV (hydrocarbon low volatile) system is a hydrocarbon fracturing system used to form a highly viscoelastic gel...

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Recycled Oil

Refined oil used in fracturing can be costly. By testing fluid properties, we are able to use recycled oil flowed back from previous fracture treatments for a more cost-effective job.

Slick Oil

Slick oil offers fracture geometry similar to slick water systems in formations not compatible with water.