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We recognize the key role innovation plays in your success. We’re dedicated to finding greener products and effective solutions that meet the unique properties of your reservoir, so we can help you achieve your production and efficiency goals. 

Fresh Water Reduction

Minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment is one of our core values. We have developed a range of effective products and processes that reduce the amount of fresh water needed, and enable the re-use of produced, flowback water, and non-potable water from underground salt water aquifers. 

Formation Damage

We are dedicated to continually developing fracturing fluid systems that reduce formation damage without compromising production.

Clay Control

Formations can be damaged if they are exposed to water without clay control additives. Common clays like smectite can...

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Fluid Compatibility

Achieving effective fluid properties to get your desired fracture geometry is a key component to successful resource...

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Flowback Enhancers

Our flowback enhancers include surfactants and complex nanofluids added into fracturing fluids to improve cleanup and...

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Rock Mechanics

Rock mechanics play a fundamental role in unlocking your reservoir. Our rock mechanics and geomechanical stratigraphy program gives you information critical to understanding in-situ stresses, ensuring borehole stability, cap rock integrity, and optimized fracture design.