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Refracturing provides the ability to economically optimize production without drilling new wells. Achieving success takes knowing which wells have the highest potential and which method of refracturing will provide the best results. Our wide breadth of expertise means we have the skills you need, including geological, reservoir engineering, cementing, fracturing, coiled tubing, acidizing and completion solutions – all in one place. This depth of knowledge, combined with extensive experience, allows us to critically analyze the reservoir from all angles to match the right wells with the right treatments. 

TriVert™ Diverting Agent

TriVert™ products are temporary bridging agents designed to redirect fluids into different sections along the wellbore...

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Fluid Solutions

Our fluid solutions enable even treatment distribution for maximized production.

Coiled Tubing

Trican’s coiled tubing group offers a wide range of services, including Long String Fiber Optics monitoring. Distributed sensing using fiber optics is one of the few direct measurements available at all points in the wellbore, with sampling rates available in seconds. By sensing temperature, we can properly link the stimulation and completion practices in the reservoir to its geological characteristics. The difference in temperature response allows for analysis of the stimulated intervals. 

Completion Solutions

We offer a complete portfolio of multistage fracturing (MSF) systems for both openhole and cemented installations, including market-leading refrac technology.