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August 11, 2016

Trican's Lab Manager, Bill O'Neil, was featured along with two other scientists in CAPP’s “The Innovators” article about companies and individuals who place importance on solving environmental challenges in Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.

As a featured interview, Bill shares Trican's focus on delivering greener ways to develop and manage energy, including making safer hydraulic fracturing additives that are near food-grade specification. A recent proud accomplishment is the development of friction reducers that can be transported as dry powder products to a well site before being mixed into the fracturing fluid.

“Normally these compounds exist in liquid form—suspended in petroleum oil, which means there’s a risk of a spill during transport,” says O’Neil. Moving to a powder form means less material needs to be hauled to the site—reducing environmental risk, GHG emissions and road damage.

Congratulations to all those at Trican’s R&D Centre for your commitment to finding better ways, and being recognized for those pursuits.