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August 8, 2012

Trican Well Service has been granted a patent in Canada for its BPS (Burst Port System)®. The BPS method of selectively fracturing involves placing casing collars containing pre-milled ports into the horizontal well casing or liner string. These collars are subsequently straddled and pressured up to burst at their designated burst point, leaving an isolated conduit to the formation for stimulation. Once the targeted zone is fractured, the straddle tool is released and moved to the next burst port collar location to repeat the process.

The patent grants Trican exclusivity for the collar design and the stimulation process using this technology. Burst port collars can be spaced at any distance apart from one another using standard casing joints and connections, and burst pressures can be customized to well needs. This technology is also ideal for performing the initial toe frac, without the need for coiled tubing, rig or wireline.

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