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April 3, 2017

Trican has taken its enhanced chemistry research in a whole new direction. Because open innovation knows no bounds, Trican is putting its oilfield dust suppression technology to use in applications outside the energy industry with CleanTRACK.

Trican’s CleanTRACK offers long-lasting dust suppression that is easy-to-apply and cost-effective, while providing a cleaner and healthier environment. Jobsite and road dust generated by traffic through unpaved areas can limit visibility, decrease the life of filters and sensitive electronics, and more importantly, it can cause an unpleasant environment for workers and neighbouring local communities. When added to potentially dusty locations, the CleanTRACK coating makes a significant impact on reducing this dust.

What makes Trican’s CleanTRACK a competitive solution for road and on-site dust suppression is its moisture-repelling properties that will last through wet and wintery conditions. It can be applied to any surface using a nozzle or a spray bar, or integrated using a motor grader.

CleanTRACK is odourless and colourless, making it a desirable option for use on any road or site application. The product has also undergone fish and algae testing with positive results, as well as passing the stringent Microtox® test.

Ready to see it in action? Check it out on Trican’s YouTube channel: Trican CleanTRACK.