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Capillary Foam™ is a unique foamed fluid system for hydraulic fracturing treatment that features our CSF™ system combined with a foaming agent. Nitrogen (N2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and/or Methane can be used as the energized phase of the Capillary Foam, and are typically added at 50-75% by volume. Methanol can also be added to the blend to minimize water entering formation.

Capillary foam was designed as an alternative chemical system for the costly surfactant foam market. Capillary Foam produces a high quality stable foam at more moderate price point than polymer based foams, and offers a significant saving over surfactant based systems.

  • Cost is significantly lower than surfactant systems – more money to spend on other projects

  • Performs in a wide range of temperatures and water conditions - Significant reductions in heating costs

  • Cleaner breaking than polymer foams – Less formation damage