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Our design simulator models the predicted pressures and flow regimes at various points in a well. The software closely simulates the events of a primary cementing job, including:

  • Conventional
  • Reverse circulation
  • Inner-string
  • Foam


  • Direct importation of caliper log (if available)
  • Direct importation of directional survey (if available)
  • Allows for viscosity inputs to accommodate fluid properties and corresponding rheological profiles
  • Equivalent circulating density/pressures at various depths vs. time
  • Annular contact time for all fluids
  • Turbulence table for fluids at different geometry
  • Handles up to 10 fluids, each pumped at 5 rates
  • Fluid displacement animation on screen
  • Hook load
  • Gas flow potential
  • Circulation sub
  • Displacement efficiency
  • Mud displacement
  • Job evaluation