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Cement sheath integrity is a critical element to maintain over the life of a well to prevent/minimize Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP), Surface Casing Vent Flows (SCVF) and gas migration. The key to successful models is to combine the life cycle/stresses of the well with the cement mechanical properties to provide cement systems that will withstand the wellbore stresses.


  • Cement sheath mechanical integrity
  • Quick-look
  • Cement hydration simulation
  • Loadings:
    • Mud pressure
    • Temperature
    • Pore pressure
    • Compaction
    • Earthquake
  • Three types of thermal loadings:
    • At the casing
    • At the mud
    • At the tubing
  • Mechanisms:
    • Elasticity
    • Shear failure
    • Tensile Failure
    • Pore collapse
    • Creep
    • Fatigue