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Trican’s CleanTRACK™ is a long-term dust suppression technology that offers cleaner air, a cleaner job site, an improved driving experience, and better equipment longevity. The CleanTRACK coating is easy to apply and cost-effective, while providing an overall healthier environment.

When dust is generated by traffic through unpaved areas, it can limit visibility, decrease the life of filters and electronics, and more importantly, it can cause unhealthy and unpleasant conditions for workers and neighbouring communities.

CleanTRACK offers an effective and durable solution because of its moisture-repelling properties that will last through wet and wintery conditions. It can be applied to any surface using a nozzle or a spray bar, or integrated using a motor grader.

CleanTRACK is demonstrating positive results when subjected to environmental testing, including successful Microtox® testing. In addition, it is odourless and colourless, making it a desirable option for use on any road or site application.


  • Easy-to-apply, cost-effective, long-term coating
  • Moisture-repelling coating will last through wet or wintery conditions; doesn’t wash away
  • Can be applied to the surface of any road or area, as well as integrated into the soil and gravel
  • Reduces the amount of airborne dust fines to which communities and the surrounding environment are exposed
  • Improve visibility for heavier traffic on non-paved areas
  • Can increase the life of filters, electronics and equipment; reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance


CleanTRACK will significantly reduce airborne particulate in any application, some examples are:

  • Lease roads or plants located in dusty areas
  • Shop yards
  • Construction sites
  • Farm roads and areas
  • Gravel

See CleanTRACK in action. Watch our short video.