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EcoClean-XB™ is the newest fluid in the expanding line of EcoClean products, designed to reduce the impact of operations on the environment and the reservoir, while also helping protect product handlers. EcoClean-XB is a crosslinked gelled water frac fluid designed to transport high proppant concentrations and prevent fluid leakoff. The fluid is bio-degradable and non-bioaccumulating, and all additives pass the recommended Microtox® test for measuring drinking water quality. In addition, the fluid performs like a conventional frac fluid, is environmentally friendly, and can be pumped with nitrogen to reduce water usage.

EcoClean-XB provides excellent shear stability and reduced friction pressures, and is ideal for use in high-rate jobs. Because of its controllable delayed crosslink time (2-8 minutes) and manageable break times, it is also the perfect choice for medium to deep wells.

EcoClean-XB advantages

  • EcoClean-XB is bio-degradable and non-bioaccumulating.
  • EcoClean-XB is environmentally friendly and all its additives pass the Microtox® test for drinking water quality
  • EcoClean-XB consists of five additives that, when combined in fresh water, create a viscous gel that can be used to carry high proppant concentrations into the formation (> 1,000 kg/m3 [> 8 ppg]). Those additives are:
    • WG-111D – Water Gellant (guar bean gum)
    • GCS-1 or GCS-2 – Green Clay Stabilizer (chloride free)
    • GNE-1 – Green Non-Emulsifier, or GFE-1 – Green Flowback Enhancer (surfactant)
    • GXB-1 – Green Crosslinker (borate)
    • WBO-2 – Gel Breaker (oxidizer)

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