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Trican’s FracClean Ultra™ is a surfactant-based fracturing fluid that, when combined with water, forms a highly viscoelastic gel that contains polymers, and leaves no residue behind in the formation or the proppant pack. FracClean Ultra components can be added on-the-fly, requiring no additional hydration unit. When combined with N2 and/or CO2, FracClean Ultra produces viscous foams with excellent stability suitable for energized fracturing. The foam exhibits superior proppant transport and suspension when compared to foams created using linear gels (polymer based). Additionally, the superior foaming properties exhibited by FracClean Ultra allow the stabilization of ultra-high foam qualities (>85%).

FracClean Ultra Advantages

  • Polymer free fracturing fluid, leaves no residue in the formation or proppant pack
  • Forms stable viscoelastic foams at qualities ranging from 30% to 85%
  • Compatible with both N2 and CO2, or in a binary fluid system
  • Simple two liquid component gelling system for easy on-the-fly mixing, with no hydration unit required
  • Can be used with or without clay stabilizers (KCl)
  • Broad temperature stability: 0°C to 110°C (32°F to 230°F)
  • Progressive breaks achieved by adding FCB-1

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