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The HLV (hydrocarbon low volatile) system is a hydrocarbon fracturing system used to form a highly viscoelastic gel ideal for use in water sensitive formations. This product prevents formation damage that often results from water-based fluids. The HLV system contains low concentrations of volatile organic phosphorous, which addresses industry standards regarding volatile phosphorous concentrations in fluid flowback that can cause fouling in refineries.

Hydrocarbon HLV Advantages

  • Less formation damage in water-sensitive formations; no clay control additives needed
  • Non-polymer system that is less damaging than most water-based systems
  • Excellent regained permeability and retained conductivity results
  • Simple two liquid component gelling system for easy on-the-fly mixing
  • Gels most refined fracturing oils, recycled oils and many crude oils
  • Ability to gel low temperature hydrocarbon fluids
  • Can be used up to 100°C (212°F)
  • Simple break mechanism which can be easily controlled
  • Excellent proppant transport and suspension with a wide range of gel loadings
  • Wide range of gel viscosities
  • Can be run with N2 or CO2, up to 40%