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LCP is a unique blend of polymers and multi-sized cellulose fibers that create an effective lost circulation fluid system that can be pumped as a pre-flush or through the bit. It can be pumped ahead of cement slurries (well control slurries) to provide a backing, allowing the cement to be spotted where required. LCP is compatible with all cement slurries and does not require a spacer. The system can be used as a pre-flush to heal weak zones and losses, allowing cement returns to surface and eliminating/reducing cement fall back.

LCP Advantages

  • Through bit plug/pill
  • Allows continual drilling
  • Compatible with all cement slurries - no spacer required
  • Provides well control when spotting a cement plug

Pre-Flush Advantages

  • Heals weak zones - could offset the need for costly light weight cements
  • May completely seal weak formations, allowing heavier density slurries to be pumped
  • Excellent for CBM formations