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Product Information

The Platinum acid system is a premium class II hydrochloric acid system designed to ensure acid compatibility with reservoir fluids. The acid system is fully dispersible for an indefinite period of time at either ambient or bottomhole temperatures, with or without the presence of iron. The great dispersability of the package ensures that the chemical additives remain in solution throughout the entire treatment process. The Platinum system can be run at a variety of acid concentrations, generally between 15% and 20%, although the package can be modified for use up to 28% under certain conditions. The blend is able to be customized for use with either oil or gas wells. In addition, the acid system can be modified to provide varying levels of iron control, from 1000 to 10,000 ppm as needed. The acid system contains corrosion protection additives that can be custom designed for a variety of bottomhole temperatures

Platinum Acid System Advantages

  • Dispersability: The Platinum acid system has excellent additive dispersability at a wide variety of temperatures
  • Iron Control: The Platinum acid system contains iron control additives which can either chelate or reduce the iron in solution, effectively preventing the formation of iron induced sludge and iron precipitates
  • Anti-Sludging/Non-Emulsifying Additives: The Platinum acid system contains additives which prevent the formation of emulsion, as well as anti-sludging additives which prevent the formation of asphaltene based sludge.