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Our patented cement pulsation process is specifically designed to address casing vent flows and gas migration.

Cement pulsation is a technique to help prevent gas migration and Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) using pulsating pressure waves to interrupt gel strength development as the cement slurry begins to set. After the cement slurry has been placed, it develops gel strength as it approaches its set time. This results in the loss of hydrostatic pressure on the formation, which can allow gas to enter the wellbore and/or slurry, causing a channel that can extend all the way to the surface. We provide and operate pulsation equipment to manage the thickening transition time and successfully stop or reduce gas migration challenges.

Cement pulsation applies small, low-pressure pulses to break any gel strength that has developed and maintains the cement in liquid form until it reaches its thickening time. Once this happens, it sets up almost immediately, allowing the cement column to maintain hydrostatic pressure on the wellbore for as long as possible. Pulsation can only be applied when using conventional cement blends. Thixotropic blends cannot be used with the pulsation unit.