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Trican’s line of ProReact acids are a safer alternative to traditional hydrochloric or organic acids used in a variety of oilfield applications and general remediation treatments. In addition to being economical, this synthetic acid is non-volatile, slow reacting, and safe to handle and transport, especially when compared to typical hydrochloric acid (HCl) solutions. ProReact Acid also exhibits low reactivity with metals, resulting in extremely low corrosion rates. Our current suite of acid additives (acid inhibitors, iron controls, demulsifiers, etc.), are compatible with our synthetic acid, making this option an easy choice. Trican will tailor the selection and concentration of additives to the conditions of your formation and the requirements of the job, ensuring the effectiveness and economy of the blend.

ProReact Acid improves access to the formation, given that it prolongs the reaction time by 20% compared to HCl, which improves access to the formation and allows for enhanced penetration into the formation during squeeze treatments. ProReact Acid is available in varying strengths from 5% to 60%. A 45% solution of ProReact Acid has the equivalent dissolving power of 15% HCl. 

Trican ProReact Acid Advantages

  • Applications: Fracture spearheads, pickles, matrix squeezes, annular soaking, injection and disposal wells, industrial services cleaning – basically anywhere acid is used
  • Safety: Non-volatile. Much safer to transport and handle than traditional HCl based packages (see MSDS for detailed handling instructions)
  • Corrosiveness: Significantly lower corrosiveness than HCl or organic acids
  • Power to dissolve: Effective at dissolving calcium carbonate based scales and reservoir material
  • Reaction rate: Approximately 20% slower reaction rate than traditional HCl treatments, allowing for deeper penetration of squeeze treatments
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Trican’s surfactants, demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and iron control agents, optimized to a specific case