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Tri-Seal is pumped ahead of cement as a pre-flush to prevent lost circulation and cement fallback. Tri-Seal leaks off into high permeability zones and reacts with the calcium components in formation waters and mud filtrate to form a stiff silica gel. This silica gel prevents cement from leaking off into the thief zone. Tri-Seal is available in three versions: Tri-Seal, Tri-Seal D, and Tri-Seal D Viscous.


  • Quick and easy to mix
  • Low viscosity – can be pumped at high rates
  • Effective over a large temperature range
  • Tri-Seal D Viscous: double the standard loading along with a viscosifying water gellant to provide greater mud push capabilities
  • Tri-seal D Viscous: optimum concentration of viscosifying water gellant can be determined on location based on mud parameters