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TriVert OSR™ (Oil Soluble Resin) is a system of high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon resins that is used as a bridging agent during acidizing and hydraulic fracturing treatments. TriVert OSR comes in a variety of sizes that range between 80 and 325 mesh US sieve sizes. It can be added to gel slugs or directly to acid prior to squeezing into the formation. The particles will fully degrade with produced crude oil and condensate over time, leaving no residue or undesired by-products.


  • Reduces acid inflow to highly permeable zones

  • Fully degrades in produced liquid hydrocarbons

  • Non-damaging to the formation

  • Compatible with most stimulation and formation fluids

  • Effective particle size distribution

  • Cost effective diverting/bridging agent

  • Non-regulated for transportation purposes