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WG-8 is a very fine, free flowing Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC). When added to water as a viscosifying agent, WG-8 will maintain a low viscosity until the pH is raised above 8. Once the pH is raised, WG-8 rapidly gains viscosity allowing for use in several applications. The gel is broken using conventional oxidizers and unlike other polymers, HEC forms little to no insoluble residues upon breaking.

WG-8 Advantages

  • Quick and easy to mix, no lumping
  • Viscosifies rapidly with addition of sodium bicarbonate (soda ash)
  • Compatible with cement. Can be used as a fluid loss agent in cement slurries
  • Effective in displacing mud from wellbore
  • Can be broken with enzymes or oxidizers
  • No insoluble residue upon breaking
  • Does not require pH adjusting chemicals for hydration