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What is Reservoir Solutions?

Reservoir services help improve hydrocarbon recovery using analytical and numerical tools that link geology, reservoir engineering and treatment knowledge. Reservoir simulation and modeling give a comprehensive understanding of your specific reservoir, while numerical simulation can be used for history matching, production forecasting, identifying infill drilling opportunities, fracture size and spacing optimization, and wellbore spacing studies, as well as secondary and tertiary recovery evaluations.


Performing relevant tests and analysis before completing a wellbore is fundamental to determine critical reservoir properties, and plays a crucial role in designing a successful stimulation job. We provide data that enables efficient fracture placement for better reservoir drainage, and improves the overall economics of the wellbore. 

Minifrac Test & Analysis

Minifrac test and analysis provides critical information, including pore pressure for hydrodymanic studies, closure...

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Pre-Treatment Inflow Diagnostic Analysis

Pre-treatment inflow diagnostic analysis techniques help you characterize your reservoir. Using a variety of...

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Drill Cuttings, Core & Petrophysical Analysis

Studying rock and its associated properties can provide valuable information on how it will react to different...

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Reservoir Solutions Inquiries

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Production Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing well production provides beneficial information that helps you get the most from your well. We offer a wide range of services using both classical and modern tools to identify and resolve issues including soak time, treatment success, determining formation properties over the life of your reservoir, liquid loading, wellbore interference, re-fracturing, and operational challenges.

Flowback Design & Best Practices

Following a well production treatment, fracturing fluids that flow back to surface can provide unique information...

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Post-Treatment Pressure Transient Analysis

We offer well test and production analysis, including traditional and modern decline curve analysis, static and...

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Rate Transient Analysis

Our rate transient analysis service evaluates production data, including traditional and modern decline curve...

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Production Forecasting

Production forecasting allows you to determine the economic value of your reservoir and make strategic resource...

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Workover & Re-Stimulation Identification

Our workover and re-stimulation identification services evaluate wellbore performance to identify how effective past...

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Simulation & Modeling

Reservoir simulation and modeling provides an advanced tool for detailed analysis and forecasting. As a comprehensive approach to understanding your reservoir, this tool enables strategic development to improve hydrocarbon recovery and project economics.

SRVmax™ Reservoir Simulation Studies

Maximize the recovery of oil and gas in your resource play with SRVmax™. This integrated reservoir engineering...

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Full Field Reservoir Studies

Our reservoir simulation expertise can be used to optimize field recovery and reservoir depletion strategies. Full...

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Unconventional Reservoir Studies

Unconventional reservoirs such as tight gas sands, shale gas, shale oil, and coal bed methane require a...

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Waterflood & Gas Injection Studies

Secondary recovery mechanisms such as waterflooding and gasflooding can be beneficial if designed and modeled...

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Thermal Reservoir Simulations

High temperature applications like Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) are beneficial for reducing viscosity to...

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Geomechanics play an important role in reservoir engineering studies, and in the successful exploitation and...

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