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Acetic Acid

Acetic acid is an organic acid that can be pumped on its own or in a blend with hydrochloric acid (HCl). Acetic Acid...

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Acid Soluble Slurries

Our acid soluble slurries are unique cement blends designed to facilitate fracture initiation, while maintaining the...

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Acid Solutions for Thermal Wells

Product Information We have developed acid solutions designed to remove scale deposits in high temperature well...

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Is a stable colloidal silicate solution that is used in the AquaSeal water shut off system

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AquaPlug™ is a highly reactive fluid system designed to stop artesian water flows encountered while drilling, allowing...

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ASA-2 ASA-2 is an anionic anti-sludge additive with strong water wetting capabilities on sandstone formations. It is...

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Biocides are used to kill microorganisms that may be present in oilfield waters such as the mix waters used for...

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Bottomhole Assembly (BHA) Components

We offer a wide array of BHA components. Our portfolio includes: Coiled tubing connectors Flapper type back pressure...

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Breaker Technology

Breakers are chemicals that are added to fluids in order to reduce their viscosity after the treatment has been...

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Capillary Foam™

Capillary Foam™ is a unique foamed fluid system for hydraulic fracturing treatment that features our CSF™ system...

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Casing Centralizer Design

Our centralizer design software optimizes casing centralization by simulating primary cementing jobs, including:...

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Cement Job Simulation

Our design simulator models the predicted pressures and flow regimes at various points in a well. The software closely...

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