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The Trican Cup Straddle Coiled tubing (CT) Stimulation System is a field-proven option to stimulate new and existing completions. The system works by isolating the zone of interest between a set of cups. Once the zone is isolated, fluid is pumped down the coiled tubing and the formation is stimulated. This can be done selectively, so zones can be left for future stimulations or stimulated out of order.

The cup straddle system features multiple set positions that can be reset a number of times without tripping out of the hole. With its robust design, Trican’s cup straddle system is ideal for restimulating existing wells with acid or proppant.


  • Field-proven robust sealing system that can withstand up to 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi) differential.
  • Optional hydrostatic control valve to hold treating fluid in the coil.
  • Cup spacing can be changed to accommodate many different types of completions.
  • Mechanical casing collar locator (CCL) allows for accurate depth control.
  • Includes two memory gauges, one in the bull nose (below the cups) and one in the diverter nose (above the bottom cups).


  • Minimize the acid lost to open perforations by holding it in the coiled tubing.
  • Greater tool reliability, even in underpressured wells or in screenout conditions.
  • Memory gauges provide valuable post-stimulation data, including downhole pressure, temperature and differential across the cups.


  • Stimulating formations through perforated casing.
  • Restimulating existing completions (perforations, sleeves, or ports).

For technical information, please see our data sheet.