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Our high-pressure jetting tools deployed on coiled tubing can be differentiated by the nozzle jet configuration and used to perform various operations, such as scale removal, well cleanouts and acid stimulations. 


The HydroMillTM is a compact, high pressure jetting tool that is designed to remove heavy scale deposits from production tubing. The tool's high efficiency jetting nozzles operate at up to differential pressures of 70,000 kPa (10,000 psi) and provide 100% coverage of the cutting face to ensure performance even if the tubing is completely blocked with scale. The nozzles are positioned at minimum standoff from the tubing wall to enable rapid de-scaling performance under high pressure downhole conditions using water, water with polymer additives and two-phase water/nitrogen fluids. Proprietary high efficiency, low torque seals eliminate power losses due to leakage and friction. Set-down and potential stall of the tool on an obstruction is indicated by a pressure drop on the fluid pumping unit. Picking up off the obstruction frees the unit to resume rotating.

The HydroMill is proven effective in removing heavy silicate scale and iron sulfide scale, as well as calcium carbonate. During milling out of calcium carbonate, rates of penetration were observed to be the same as those using milling technology. The HydroMill is also used for:

  • Removal of miscellaneous tars, waxes or asphaltenes
  • Filter cake removal
  • Compacted fill (such as resin-coated sands)
  • Pipeline cleanout, including stuck pig removal
  • Openhole stimulation

HydroClean™ and HydroStim™

The HydroCleanTM and HydroStimTM tools are high pressure rotating jetting nozzles deployed on coiled tubing. Similar in functionality, the tools are differentiated by the jet configuration of their nozzles. Both tools are capable of jetting fluids at high pressure in order to perform various operations such as scale removal, well cleanouts or acid stimulations. Their features include:

  • 42.9 mm (1.69 in.) OD design will pass through conventional 60.3 mm (2.37 in.) profiles
  • High pressure jetting powerfully cleans the surface of the production tubing
  • High quality jets for effective cleaning of scale and hard packed sand
  • Increased effectiveness of solvent or acid due to the turbulence and jetting energy
  • Sour service compatible
  • Versatile - acid, solvent or water jet cleaning
  • 360° jetting for hard to reach areas in the completion (gas lift mandrels, sliding sleeves, screens, etc.)

Rotating Wash Nozzle Tools

Rotating wash nozzle tools are designed to remove plugs, scale and failed linings. Attached to coiled tubing and self rotating, the tool’s viscous fluid governor controls the rotation speed to maximize the jet power delivered to the tubing walls. The rotating wash nozzle tool features few but large rotating jets, providing a powerful force of fluid for removal of deposits without damaging the well pipe.