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Water is a valuable resource and fresh water should be used in industrial operations as little as possible. In oil and gas production, customers are able to reduce and sometimes eliminate their fresh water requirements by using more produced, non-potable water from underground salt water aquifers, and recycling or reusing flowback water. Trican helps in this endeavor by developing products that perform as expected using these non-fresh water sources. For example:


TriFrac-MLT™ is a patent-pending viscosified fluid system that uses 100% reused water in an effort to conserve fresh water in the hydraulic fracturing process. Being highly tolerant of salt and other contaminants, operators can use untreated oilfield produced water, water that is produced along with oil and/or gas from a wellbore, and flowback water with salinities as high as 350,000 mg/L (greater than 25% salt content) to stimulate their wells.

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Salt Tolerant Friction Reducers

The Trican FR series of friction reducers was designed to give optimal friction reduction performance in brine water containing salt concentrations greater than 100,000 ppm, as well as other components. These friction reducers facilitate the use of produced waters and flowback waters, alleviating the strain on fresh water sources. The FR series has been shown to pass the Microtox® test at increasingly high threshold values. FR products are shown to be effective at reduced concentrations when compared to conventional friction reducers, and are used in fracturing treatments in many of the primary shale gas areas across North America.

While the two previous examples offer fresh water alternatives, Trican’s MVP Frac™ enables customers to use less water overall, and still obtain the desired results.

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MVP Frac

Trican MVP Frac™ slick water fracturing system enhances proppant distribution and placement, improving well production, and facilitating reductions in water usage in the 20% - 25% range.

Trican invests heavily in Research and Development, and every new idea or suggestion is considered through the lens of its environmental impact, in addition to other areas of scrutiny. The environmentally friendly option is always the preferred course action.

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