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Our selective stimulation services include using the Cup-2-Cup tool, the Boost Frac™ N2 fracturing tool, and coiled tubing or casing annulus stimulation systems.

Cup Straddle Coiled Tubing Stimulation System

The Trican Cup Packer Coiled Tubing Stimulation System is a field-proven option to stimulate new and existing completions. The system works by isolating the zone of interest between a set of cups. Once the zone is isolated, fluid is pumped down the coiled tubing and the formation is stimulated. 

Learn more about our Cup Straddle Coiled Tubing Stimulation System

Boost Frac™

During high rate nitrogen fracturing treatments, our Boost Frac technology is a stimulation technique designed to take advantage of the instantaneous, extremely high velocities of compressed nitrogen at breakdown. This tool is a simple and inexpensive method of attaining a pre-set pressure that is much higher than the formation breakdown pressure between fracture cups.